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A Child…

Not a Diagnosis

We must never allow a diagnosis to define who a child is or who he can become. It is our obligation to honor the child and treat all children, diagnosis or no diagnosis, with the respect we demand in our lives.

They deserve no less.


The Developmental


The ‘developmental perspective’ says that certain aspects of development, such as the ability to adapt to the physical environment, need to be laid down as the foundation for building all subsequent layers of development.

The most basic foundation of early development lies in our ability to process information through our senses.




Sensory processing can impact global development including visual, auditory, and fine and gross motor development. It can also have consequential effects on listening, learning skills, sustained attention, behavior, social skills, relationships, and self-concept.

All learning is dependent on our ability to process sensory experiences.



It is not about social targets, it’s about intervening at the root cause at the right time in a child’s development.

It’s not as much about the frequency of repetition, but about the quality of the time spent in intervention and maintaining the family structure so the child can learn from a typical family environment.

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