A Peek Inside…

Chapter 1 – Matty O’Malley
Lauren O’Malley had five children in just over five years. When Matty was born, things seemed only slightly and temporarily offtrack. One Christmas portrait changed everything. One image that led to one word… a word that redefined their journey; but would not redefine him.

Chapter 2 – The Child… Not the Diagnosis
Maude Le Roux explains how to harness a child’s full potential through a developmental approach to therapeutic intervention, especially for the treatment of autism. She explains how we assist in developing a “whole child” by respecting his sensory profile and tapping into his intrinsic motivation to learn and grow.

Chapter 3 – Early Intervention… Setting Sail with No Clear Direction
Matty was certainly not like his sisters as he neared two. He wasn’t pointing, wasn’t imitating, and he was not at all like other two-year-olds. Early Intervention took several different paths before Lauren would learn what met Matty’s real needs.

Chapter 4 – Understanding Sensory Processing
“Aha” moments abound as Maude explains sensory processing and the systems that drive a child’s physiological, intellectual, and social-emotional development. This fascinating discussion schools the reader in understanding how a child’s sensory systems and developmental capacities impact his “behavior” and potential for growth.

Chapter 5 – Floortime™ and Schooltime…a Whole New Ballgame
Lauren opens a new door to Floortime therapy, learning the value of play and a child’s connection to meaning and purpose in learning. As Matty struggles in preschool, Lauren wonders if it’s just not in the cards for him. Finally, she dials the number of an occupational therapist she’s heard about. Her name is Maude Le Roux.

Chapter 6 – A Deep Dive into Matt’s Sensory Processing Systems
Maude meets Matt for the first time when she takes a comprehensive look at his sensory processing systems. The detailed evaluation describes each sensory system and how it impacts Matt’s ability to function in his home and school environments.

Chapter 7 – The Student Body…the Anatomy of Classroom Performance
Learning from Maude’s evaluation of Matty, Lauren connects the dots in understanding how the body sets the stage for all learning and development. As Lauren begins to understand more about the value of the DIR model, Maude is brought in to consult on Matty’s school program.

Chapter 8 – Developing the Child through Relating and Understanding
As with her sensory processing chapter, Maude takes you on a deep dive of the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship (DIR) model. With an understanding of child’s sensory profile, the DIR model is a framework for building the social, emotional, and intellectual capacities that drive learning and development.

Chapter 9 – One Step off the Twister® Mat… One Giant Leap for Development
At four years old, Matty seems to be making progress, but he suddenly gets stuck. Wanting to play on a Twister mat day after day leaves Lauren and his Floortime therapist anxious and unsure, but Maude is steadfast in respecting his need to remain “on the mat.” Little did they know what developmental momentum that mat would generate.

Chapter 10 – Gaining Ground through Sound
Matt’s therapeutic direction takes a new turn as he completes Tomatis Sound training. Even Maude was skeptical at first, but as she explains the science of Tomatis and how it was built upon what is indisputably known about the brain, more connections emerge. Soon after, Matt’s progress catapults in new directions.

Chapter 11 – Cultivating Emotional Growth and Self-Concept
Lauren and Matty hold hands for more than a year as they chart their way through the choppy waters of negative emotions and establishing Matty’s self-concept. Kindergarten is a tumultuous time, but they both come out stronger. Matty was now able to soar.

Chapter 12 – The Child Makes the Journey Happen
Maude reflects on Matt’s journey and his progress through a single approach… an approach of dignity.

Chapter 13 – Our Greatest Allies
Lauren describes her journey through the breadcrumb trail of allies she and Matt have found along the way. Thanks to Maude, it was a path paved with the respect, understanding, and relationships that Matt and other children like him so rightly deserve.