About the Authors

Maude Le Roux

Maude Le Roux was born and raised in South Africa. She completed her degree in Occupational Therapy in Stellenbosch, South Africa and moved to the United States in 1993. In 2001 she opened her private practice which is now in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.

Maude has extensive experience working with children who struggle with diagnoses such as developmental delay, Sensory Processing Disorder, autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities and reading disabilities. She is steadfast in continuing her own education to always gain more knowledge, learn new approaches, and shed more light on the development of children. Her particular affinity is attempting to “see” in the mind of a child, and read the child’s cues to determine the message beneath the behavior.

Among multiple certifications, Maude is an international trainer for Tomatis Sound Therapy and holds a certificate in DIR®/Floortime™. She develops her own courses, speaks at several international conferences, and is co-author of the book: “The Listening Journey for Children” with Francoise Nicoloff.

Her wish is for all to understand that it is a child’s motivation to be understood, to please, to be accepted, and to be respected. Her team oriented approach is built upon the foundations of sensory/physical and emotional building blocks in child development. Read more about her work at www.atotalapproach.com.

Lauren O’Malley

Lauren O’Malley is the mother of five children. She loves to write and hopes this story brings new perspective and a better understanding of children to the parents, teachers, and professionals who care for them.